Field Reports

I'm at work writing this right now...

I've been living with my girlfriend the past few months, working hard for my money, enjoying life. Having work that I hustle hard at makes me more FOCUSED and allows me to enjoy life better in general because I FEEL how each moment slips by and how my mind will resist reality sometimes but as long as I BOSS UP and own it I close the sale and see how all limitations and bullshit were just in my head.

I've been reading Tyler's posts and other high quality material on other sites, and I realize even if the information is on point, if I take it in at the WRONG time, it can affect my development, which should be as natural as possible. I'll see other guru's systems, and how it works for them, but if I try to implement, forgoing what I already know, it fucks me up.

I open 10 sets, if the set stalls walks off its because I'm not leading. If the set is unresponsive, escalate physically, go for a move. If I'm getting compliance then I'm good. If not, just move on to another set, there's hundreds of thousands here - i live in the city.
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