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making it a habit to post something.

i feel more out of my head and more aware of what's going on in social situations. i just have to get into the most uncomfortable situations and control the frame. i really have to focus on my reality at all times. there's no point in managing other people's emotions and thoughts. just concentrate on my strengthening my reality. stay in conversations all day.

i feel that life is a gift and i really just want to experience the best it has to offer. i'm thinking more positively, taking things more lightly, and more focused on my vision.

it's really the experiences i go thru that teach me the most about myself, reading is useless. a huge part of this is resisting emotional pain. it can't be intellectualized.

everything i know to be true came to me when i experienced an emotional shift in thought after doing something that was out of my reality. i remember that after i kissed HBTaiwanNurse that I had a light headed feeling, a tight feeling in my stomach. i couldnt believe what just happened. i was ecstatic. i held my frame for a while, but then when i stopped getting good feedback, i didn't know what to do. the answer is to DO ANYTHING from the place of a MAN relating to a woman. i should call her and tell her to come over. there's no consquence. i will only get feedback and i can make her a friend.

do what a MAN does. and things will make sense. bring this same attitude to school, work, women, sex.

-The One
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