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i'm posting in streams of consciousness.

it feels like the past few days i've really been experiencing new realities and what it feels like to leave my introverted world behind. i had all these limiting beliefs and frames in the past that hold me back now. all these frames are arbitrary and don't serve me. why take a frame that won't be useful to me? fuck that.

it feels like when i push myself to the real things i want to do i have all these emotions, rationalizations that emerge. fuuuck that. that's not me. i'm not my mind. my WILL can overcome all of it. it's up to me. i live and project my reality and create my own reality. this is what makes sense to me.

as a winner, as a successful person, i only have time to find out what is useful to ME in any experience and move on from there. i don't have time to dwell on stupid shit or people who try to annoy me. the reality in front of me, as a i approach it everyday, is about learning from everyone i come across and giving value to them through the virtue of my presence. i dont need to impress anyone, thought i know that i can bring value to anyone i approach and that i'm not replaceable.

i was born to shine so that's what i'm going to do. i will hold my frame because i realize my worth and i know who i am.

-the one
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Starlight 1987

Starlight 1987


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 okay here this might help

You seem to be having an identity problem, my specialty!
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