Field Reports

Going to focus on sexual framing for the next month since it makes sense to me that this is the best way to get SNLs, which is what I want. I need to be more scientific when it comes to this. Sticking point analysis, game plans, going out and talking to at least ten girls a day.

Notes on sticking point analysis

Open, Attract, Qualify, Comfort, Sexual Escalation

Always be working on something. Something needs to change. Ask guys in the community.

Don't Number Close, it's useless. Time Bridge instead.
Time Bridge Routine
I'm having a party this saturday with my friends, and I'm bringing two mystery guests. I'm going to be there saturday in the UC at 9pm.

Field Work yields Patterns
If you qualify and she's not investing, then she's not attracted. THINK how can I solve this problem?
Work on 3 sticking points at a time. Go into set to work on sticking points.
eg. if your SP is time bridge, than work on getting tb in every set.

If you're inexperienced, just go for the lay if girl is into you.
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