Field Reports

I just got into a fight with my mom. The emotions are just so toxic and I hate it when I argue with her, but I do it because I feel like the pain-body and I just give into it. I'm listening to Eckhart Tolle on "Being Present in Relationships."

People are just so unconscious, living in their angry, depressive patterns. I'm not discluded from this. But I become more accepting and conscious everyday. I meditate on it and work on my development. I don't let the negativity take me over. People are like blurbs of energy, some positive, some negative. That's just how the world is, and I adapt to it the best I can.

I get closer to my family, which is mainly my mom and brother, and am grateful for what I have. But there is negativity that I have to deal with. I guess the way to deal with it is just to laugh at it. Don't give in to it and get down on their level. Don't let the negativity and toxicity and pain swallow me whole. I believe that postive energy is real. Joy and Awakening is real.

So I always have the choice. I let nothing take me away from the Now... Nothing can take away the inner Joy that I have. I'm already complete. It's just the outer world of form that I can get wrapped up in sometimes. When I see the pain body in others, just smile at it, and hope for the best for them. That's all I can do.

I want to lift my family up, I want to improve myself so I can bring others into the NOW, to the inner Joy that they may have lost. I was always the non-believer growing up, but Ecky Tolle's spiritual teachings in the Power of Now intuitivly makes sense to me. It's real. I feel it and understand it on a different level. Stopping the movement of thought... Thought can give people so much pain. Acceptance.

I practice, not study but PRACTICE this wisdom daily so that I can be a headspace that allows me to see things clearly and not give into pettiness. I live in a cheerful, happy, optimistic reality all the time. I just want to stay grounded in it, no matter what. Stay centered, not let pettiness throw me off. Just laugh, smile at pettiness.

This is what's real. Not the media... or any Egoic manisfestation. The Now is real, consciousness is real, energy is real. The world of form is what western culture is based on, so we have a society of seekers. What we need is already within us (food, shelter is nice too). With my life situation, I have it easy. Abundance of food, friends, love... I have nothing to complain about.

Right now, I'm reaching out to my family and close friends more... focsuing my health more... personal growth... Making myself into a more effective, stronger, happier person. I feel like God is moving me sometimes, by God I mean the One Consciousness. I feel like we're all One Consciousness, so nobody ever dies.. even though we might lose our current forms. Life as we know it is just a ride, so don't take it too seriously.

I need to do more meditation, kung fu, learn from people wiser than me, so I can GET IT better, so I can be blessed to teach this someday. Get to the Truth.
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