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Sexual Frame
"The ability to subtly communicate that you understand female sexuality, that you appreciate it fully without judgmentalism of any kind and you VALUE it completely for what it is… IS the only DHV you’ll ever need.

It’s the reason a PUA can walk in alone into a crowded venue… do a few sets and walk out with a girl. (Or, at the very least, walk out with a few OPTIONS for low-maintenance, low-effort sexual relationships.)"

CJ Game Plan
The first realization is the purpose of your Game Plan is to get you laid consistently by the type of women you want.
The second realization is you can’t go out with the purpose of getting laid.
The third realization is every action should be judged on its overall (GLOBAL) purpose rather than its immediate effect.

A dichotomy? Yes and no.

Your focus needs to be adjusting your behaviors until you can run through your Game Plan with an unconscious smoothness.

When your Game Plan is not getting you what you want you need to focus on something else…

1. What to change
2. To what to change to
3. How to cause the change

This is what I call “Sticking Point Analysis” and I credit it with my last 18 lays. I learned early on I needed to have more than a Game Plan, I needed a method for IMPROVING the Game Plan if I was ever to get to where I wanted to go.

Once you understand the basic courtship process and start running your Game Plan in the field you will start to notice where your sarges are failing. You’ll notice patterns. They are failing in the same places quite often.

Step 1. Identify Your Sticking Points

Sticking points limit the entire system’s output. (The system being your Game Plan and the output being lays.) Therefore we have to stop focusing on getting laid and instead focus on fixing the sticking points.

Step 2. Decide How to Fix the Sticking Point (SP)

Now that you have identified the SP the next step is to find possible solution(s) for fixing that sticking point. Pick one way to fix it and commit to 10 tries with that solution.

Step 3: Subordinate your Game Plan to the above decision.

Redesign your Game Plan to implement the fix for that SP.

Step 4: Elevate the Sticking Point.

With your redesigned Game Plan you will go out and start hunting for opportunities to break the SP. You will subordinate everything to working on your SP. That means you will EVEN give up a lay opportunity for a chance to work on Sticking Points (unless you haven’t yet had 2-3 lays from the Game – in which point I say take the lays as it will give you a better Global view and a nice boost of confidence.)

There will come a time when you break that SP.

Step 5: This is a continuous process. Go back to step 1.

My suggestion is to work on 3 SPs at a time. Experience has shown me that every set will not present you an opportunity to work on an SP. However, if you have 3 then you have a good shot at getting a few repetitions per night."
Sticking points
1. Identify
-Not Arranging D2s for all the girls I meet
-Not properly taking care of LMR
-Going for next girl when I could have fixed it with current girl

2. Fix (Commit 10 tries to solution)
-Set up back to back D2s the day after every timebridge. I already have D2 plan laid out.
-Be aggressive. Freeze out.
-Any girl I haven't laid is still an option. Flirt, and D2 them.

3. re-design game plan
The only real thing holding me back is FEAR and LOGISTICS. If live in my hometown it'll be impossible to D2 since I don't have a car. I would have to move to friend's dorm for this to even be an option. Fuck. My only real STICKING POINT here is LOGISTICS. If I could live at my friend's place, than I could still hang out at other girl's dorms or sleep at Travis or Jon's place and if I find a girl who is down we can do it there or at her place. Yea that's my only choice right now, I need to get a job and live at Fare's/Jon's/Travis/Oz for any of this to happen.
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