Field Reports

I'm going to start posting here everyday to track my progress. Measuring my progress is the only way to see where i'm at.

I'm in college right now and there's huge opportunity for networking. One month has passed and I've gotten a make out. And that was right before school started. But I should be sticking to improving habits rather than looking for outcome. Root everything in the practical.

There's this jap chick that I've been talking to. Had her over twice already. Next time the plan is to kino and get her up with me asap. Build connection throughout the weekday thru texts. Use futures stuff on breakthru comfort. She's a party chick that craves attention so seeing other girls that want me should get her off. Invite plenty girls over.

What I thought was needy and obvious isn't so. I've fucked up only from not bring aggressive enough and phase shifting. Never from overescalating. Keep going til she says no. I have mental blocks that serve no purpose. Do hypnoticas social pressure exercise to get in present mindset.

Focus on my world and getting what I want. Slowly. From there I gain confidence in my reality.

This month, do work on jap, Chinese med hb, Vietnamhb,

what I did right this month was start good habits, plan future events, I was more social, I escalated with girls, made some new contacts. I started off asserting my reality nut then fell back to bad analytical observing habits that serve me nothing. I'm more aware of frame control and am cultivating my style and sense of humor. I realize a lot of bad though habits and know I need much more social exp controlling frames. I'm going to toastmasters this Friday.

Game as I understand it now is just projecting how cool u are, being able to tell a chick is into u, emotionally arousing her while escalating kino, get her comfortable being with u while keeping the sexual tension on, pass tests, go caveman on her. Set the frame that u both want the same thing and lead her to it.
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