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I just read Brad Branson's article on "Extreme Self Love" and I resonate with it to a high degree. When I look back to how much I've changed and what actually "motivated" me to change, it was largely "love of myself." I felt as if I deserved to have a girlfriend and the fun social life all the people around me were having. Not because I wanted to live up to their standards but because I felt like NOBODY was better than me, so if THEY could have it then I deserve it as well.

This "sense of entitlement is what got me started and the reason why I experienced success with girls. That little "tweak" in my reality did it all. I don't believe in religion, so I set VALUES for myself:

- Being good at whatever I'm focusing on (whether it is school, girls, business, etc.)
- Loyalty, Work Ethic,
- Family, Health

I do believe that I'm BETTER than most people. This belief was crucial to my sucess because it gave me motivation and belief in myself. But like Brad said, this not a false sense of superiority (I do eat healthier and work smarter than most people) and it's definitely not something I brag about. I'm still humble to all and have no ego when I'm learning from others. I just believe that I can do what most people would give up on, which is true.

I "bend reality" when I see things this way because I "empower" myself. Life has no meaning except what you give it, so why not SEE THINGS IN A  WAY THAT EMPOWERS YOURSELF?"

Everything can be reframed into something positive and empowering, so I feel pity for those who see themselves as "victims" and have no self-esteem. To me, they're like insane people. They have weak realities and are fighting a battle that only exists in their minds. I control my thoughts and emotions and will only see the world in a way in which I'M THE SHIT. Like Brad says, I'm a hero in my mind. I would rather die than think in any other way.

I train my subsconscious in a way that SERVES me, and I get the results that I want. I live in my reality and don't bother about the standards of others. I don't give a shit. I know I'll be successful in business, just as I know I will get the results I want with women. There's NO CHANCE IN HELL that it won't happen. Because I'm me. I'm Aurelius. I'm the one in the Matrix like Neo. This is my LIFE PHILOSOPHY at the age of 22.

Hope this makes sense and inspires some of you.

- A
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 Absolutely...there is no one elses standard's that anyone should live by but their own...At the end of the day, your life is your burden/reward/experience to carry with you til the day you die. Why not live it out the way you were meant to...power comes from within...not externally...
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Good post bro
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@IronMan284: Agreed. This is something that took me a long time to internalize. But as I realize it now, my life changes every single day that I live this way. It's awesome.

@Gamester: Thanks man.
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