Field Reports

Doing and being is SO different from just theorizing. When I first got into Pick Up, I would just theorize and THEORIZE. The material I learned did not become INGRAINED in my mind until I was able to see it in the REAL WORLD from FIRST HAND experiences, or reference points -- whatever you like.

For most of my life, I lived in a trance-like state, not being able to understand what was WRONG with me and what I had to do to fix myself. I would attract girls, not knowing WHY, and mess it up with them later on because of my chodish behaviors. I descended into darkness, consumed by my ego, and withered into a shell. I felt like I lost my one love. How could the world be like this?

But now, I understand. I understand the DYNAMICS behind everything. The SUBCOMMUNICATIONS going on behind every movement. I understand why that worked, how I did it, why I owned it, why I fucked up, etc.

It was always about DOMINANCE. Just utter DOMINANCE of the environment, my masculinity polarizing her feminimity. How it was clear that I didn't give a shit. She was on no pedestal. She had to earn my attention.

I know now. Studying this material, along with going out and getting the reference EXPERIENCES, has totally shook my reality.
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