Field Reports

Been following Paleo Diet after reading The Paleo Diet, The Primal Blueprint and Fantastic Voyage. Started taking multivitamins and fish oil and getting 10 hours of sleep.

I eat lean meats like fish (cod) a lot. Plenty of veggies and fruits (blueberries, strawberries, oranges), lots of filtered water. Going low on the carbs (rice and bread) as much as I can thought it's hard since i'm asian. Ive completely cut out all sugar. Trying to eat out less as well thought it's hard -- i'm going to eventually cook all my food, right now i'm going to cook for my family.

Went out to sarge in the mall last night and did 3 sets. Last one went great girl was totally into me. WIN. I went to bar later with wing to chill. I came home feeling great and calm. Woke up today feeling a sense of calmness I haven't felt in a while. Like my mind was quiet.

I think it must be my new diet along with my new ways of thinking plus just going out. Will continue diet and report back results.
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