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im on addy right now so i may as well contribute something to the community.

ever since getting into game, i hoped that there would be a quick fix and it would allow me to have control over things, which is something i wanted my whole life. recently i realized that game is basically overcoming and re-wiring your mind to have good social habits -- that's at least how i see it.

tactics are just the result of someone else's calibration that you can use so you can focus on more important things.

but doing this helped me get out of my head. and even though i'm still too analytical, at least i'm aware of it and can focus on talking to people and calibrating. i just have to trust that if i stick with the habit that i'll get it. i'm a winner so i know i'll get it.

im always aware now of who is controlling the frame, who is alpha, what kind of vibe creates attractions, etc. it takes effort for me to BE MYSELF and just focus on my SELF. i just have to go with the flow sometimes, nobody is micromanaging anything. i'm ALPHA, so i just have to be myself and TRUST that it will show and KNOW that I will get better over time -- all I really need is to look at my past to understand that.

I used to be a lost, lonely kid, with no idea how to express myself. Now, I just DO ME, and it shows, and I can relate on an equal level with other people. i just have to stay social and socialize a SHITLOAD. Work on new things everyday. Don't expect rewards all the time, all that matters is that I PUSH MY COMFORT ZONE BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT A MAN DOES. There's no getting around that.

If I'm a man, I go for what I want, and i don't let bad emotions drag me down. Talk to everyone, and have passion other than just pickup. Mine is being a successful businessman. Just think how fucking COOL it is, running your own business, making money, and spending it on whatever I want.

"Focus on YOUR reality."

-The One
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