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I've read Tyler's old "How to Implement a Habit" post and I'm going to list my new routines for accountability. I think of what I could have been if I had implement effective habits earlier and just moan inside. But I think of what I can be by the next six months and just smile on the inside. You are your habits.

1. 10 approaches a day - this is easy since I dorm on campus. Of course I'm going to push it that extra 20% everytime.

2. 5 phone calls a day - to work on my phone game. Abundance mentality, no girl should matter much to me. I should be calling them in rotation.

3. Gym/Run twice a week - I'll do it even though I have exams coming up, even if it's minimal, because the important thing is to show up and root this habit.

4. 50 push ups/ 30 sit ups every other day - Because I won't always have access to the gym. I'll be doing this regardless of if I workout or not.

5. Study/Read 2 hours a day - I'm behind in my studies so I need this as a habit. Even when I'm done with school, I'm going to be reading everyday.

6. Learn new Chinese phrase everyday - This is very important. I'm looking for a Chinese buddy to practice with.

I'm going to be telling everyone I know about this so I'll have to be accountable and not out of doing anything of this when the time comes. I'll be adding more all the time. I'm really looking forward to pushing pass the initial slump and getting the J-curve.
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