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Just read TD's new post. He advocates stepping up and fulfilling your values in life so you can acheive AWARENESS and get closer to your CORE. Fair enough. He also views most people as dead, because they mainly value security, and would sacrifice their awareness for it. Makes sense. I look around me, and see that it's probably true. Most people I know just want to live their lives comfortably, I don't know many ambitious risk-takers. Nothing wrong with that.

As for my VALUES -- What's important to me right now is the preservation of my health, the security of my family, and being the person I want to be. I want to be able to deal with the reality in front of me and bring my best to everyone I meet. Having all the external things in the world is nice, but it means nothing it doesn't bring me closer to understanding myself. I'm still going to chase external things like LOVE/CONNECTION and MONEY, but only because I know the journey will bring me to a higher realization of who I am.

Pickup, School, and Business are just Games - like hobbies for me, endeavors that I have chosen due the the lack of masculine rituals in this society. So I'm going to do what I love (hustle), get the right people in my life , and build a successful business. Through that I will cultivate the habit of consistency and be able to do even more with my life and be of service to others. :)
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