Field Reports

I had my first make out in summer 2009. That was during spin the bottle. I made out with two girls I knew at a Bday party at Elevate, which did a lot of for my confidence. I started hanging out with cool friends and improved my social skills. I still had a fear of clubs. I made out with a girl at house party, my identity evolved. I had cool friends and a new reality. I hooked up with 5 girls in 2010, all from social circle.. I was in an LTR during most of the spring. During the summer I went home and wasted a bunch of time - I fell back into old behavior habits. I tried to get with this girl my friend brought with him to the hookah bar. At the end of summer I hooked up with this Japanese girl, which shook my reality again since I hadn't had any female contact in so long. It changed me into a player, and I tried to get with her for the next month. It never happened, but going out and hanging with other players, being on my own -- gave me confidence to take on new behaviors and sense of entitlement

I hooked up with a girl from one of my old classes. It felt almost effortless because I was used to being a player at this point. My new beliefs and experiences made me into an aggressive, cocky playful, dominany guy. I remember putting my arm around her when seeing her -- something I never would have done in 2009. I had evolved into a man. That's who I am now. What used to be a new behavior became integrated into my identitiy. She loved me and I showed her my awesome life. But somewhere in me, I could still feel the old AFC. I started thinking I had to "Do" all these things rather than just "Be" myself in the best way. When she played hard to get I didn't know how to handle it.

The week after I hooked up with a chick I approached at an event where all my friends were. It wasn't because they were there, It was my confidence that made her attracted. We hooked up after one hour and she gave me head the next morning. Lovely. After that, I met this girl from at the flilipino event, and I could tell she was attracted, but logistics weren't in my favor so I started going clubbing. I talked to a girl at the club and got her number it was really easy, my friend got a girls number and we hanged out with them a few weeks later they were cool.

I got two numbers on NYE and made a bunch of contacts. Much more to come 2011. :)
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