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went out yesterday to chill wuth bro's friends. this crew is really low-energy and don't have similar interests as me.

i keep thinking about opening sets whenever im out. so far all my results have come from social circle. i'd gotten a couple numbers since going out in december. i should harvest and D2 those. i should be talking to people all day. that's the only way for me to become more social. i need these references uploaded in my head.

that should be my mentality.

action plan:
-stay in set 90% of day
-focus on setting up D2's (Get laid or die trying style)
-look for wings better than myself

I should stop going out with guys with no game, they only bog me down and i feel like i have to take care of them. No point. Im into self-improvement, and if I feel like you're not smart or ambitious enough to keep up, then you have no value for me. Peace. Life is too short. I need a Mastermind group of friends who can benefit ffrom out shared expereince.
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