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I'm focusing on my values right now, doing more meditation during mornign and night so I'm more focused and present during the course of the day. Taking a media fast has been great, my mind is more focused and less cluttered -- everyone should try this.

I just read Owen's Free Tour 3 article -- he talks about how society puts us in a trance in which we think accumulating resources is going to make us happy.. not only that but we're ALL in a trance, some of more FUN than others.

I thought about this and realized the truth in it. Life is THIS MOMENT, NOW. Just BEING alive should be blissful itself. If you don't get this then I highly recommend listening to Tony Parsons on youtube.

I'm completely content and happy with my life at the moment, even though there are cool experiences I want to have. I still want to meet and learn from many people, and make money for my family, and learn martial arts -- but those are just activities that I've decided to take up my time.

What's REALLY important is for me to LIVE my life CONSCIOUSLY... and take the time to smell the roses.

I hope this helps, now I have to get back to loving up my girlfriend.
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