Field Reports

Went to club saturday night. Talked to girls at the line, should have kept chatting it up. I was annoyed at them for cutting the line, but I should have just talked to warm up. I remember the last time I was at Webster I met these cute chinese girls my cousin introduced to me I got her number, I just hugged her and was really positive and happy. Kissed her on the cheek. I got this other girls number too. All in the positive, dominant vibe.

This time my AA was high and I didn't approach, I just had fun dancing. I have to go out more often, being at home makes me introspective and over-analytical, which is my nature. I should be doing activities that get me out of my head, that are not related to girls. Having a cute girl is nice, but it comes and goes and should never define me in any way. I had a fucked up belief when I got into this in 2009 (when I read the Game) that women were the most important thing. I have to replace all the retarded social conditioned beliefs I used to have because they affect how I interpret the world. Fuckkkkk!

I realized that all the success I've gotten with girls was because I "Let go" and connected with being a Man rather than being a bitch. That was it. It wasn't because I was "doing anything" particular. It's all in the vibe, the way I came off. It took all this "game" for me to just LET GO and be a MAN. This has awakened to other things. Now I want to work on my business and other areas of my life. I focus too much on girls as a way to measure my success.

I'm still going to go out every night I can and work on my career and hobbies (lifting, public speaking).
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