Field Reports

i'm supposed to be studying for my korean oral exam that's tommrow right now but i just feel, confused, angsty, and find it hard to concentrate. because ive been going out a lot, my views on who i am and what i should tolerate from others are changing. im getting closer to my real self and being a man. i dont tolerate people snapping at me, which just happened... it got me really emotional but i just let it go. the better way is to put my foot down. if i let this slide, i'll set a precedent in my mind that i'll let anything slide. that's not who i am.

especially when it coems to family, because these are people i'll be seeing again....

i keep thinking about things that dont matter, ive gotta just focus completely on what im doing and stop doubting myself. study and rehearse this oral. OWN THIS SHIT like i do at every other area of my life. OWN IT. Because I'm D One and that's just what i do.
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