Field Reports

i was on campus for another day today and i just pushed myself to talk to my friends even though i was feeling like shit and wasn't in the mood. just talking to positive cool people makes me feel normal again. when i'm studying a lot or at home bored i get into cycles of negative self talk and starting thinking about irrelevant things. it's like slight paranoia. but when i hang out with friends, it goes away.

i watched "Lie to Me" the Fox show because a PU Instructor DJ Fuji recommended it due to its benefit to learning PU. watch as the main character lightman is unreactive and confident and witty and how he reads body language. watching it while keeping Dj's analysis of it in mind let me focus on what's important in an interaction, eg. bodylanguage. i remember i how i used to get lost in interaction because i'd be so in my head.

i was typing my papers (i had to do 5 papers) today and i realized that even thought i felt like i couldn't do it, and my mind resisted it, i just said "fuck it" and pushed through because it was the "right thing to do." i have to do this more instead of just letting laziness hold me back. another thing, i realized that i need to be doing regular physical activity and surrounding myself with social, positive people in order to develop the right HABITS. Habits build CHARACTER and ultimately CHANGES you.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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