Field Reports

wow i feel like shit right now. i was just chatting with one of my girls on skype, and i realized how in-my-head i was. i felt like i couldnt just be myself. i shouldnt have to being "doing anything" to get people to like me. there's no performance. i just "Do Me" and see where things go from there. yea, improve my verbal communication, develop humor. but i'll always be ME. im not replaceable and there's nobody like me. during the course of my day, i shouldn't be analyzing, i should be living MY life and shift thru what is useful to me and capitalize on it, and ignore anything that doesn't add to my reality.

we only get one short chance at this life. own your reality. seize the things you want for yourself but NOBODY is going to give it to you. experience all the cool and amazing things for yourself. stop living vicariously thru others on TV and your idols. fuck that, live the glory. make it worth it. wake up to the world around you. are you satisfied with the reality that is in front of you? my hunger for abundance overrides all my insecurities, fears, and limiting beliefs.

-The One
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