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i felt a bit down recently because i was being too realistic about things. i thought: i'm not eating perfectly healthy, i should be working harder, blah blah. i kept thinking about all the ways in which i'm not perfect. but nothing is perfect, and the reality is that i was just being consumed by negative energy - the same energy that used to rule my life.

i guess when i started realizing my greatness recently, i kept making reasons in my head for why i was achieving the success that blew my reality. it's because i'm great. nothing else. simple. i realized my worth and took action. call it delusion if you want. all great people have to be deluded to some extent.

this video by will smith cemented the ideas that have been floating in my head the past couple of days:
- success is not the result of talent, but obsessive hard work
- offering value to others lets you improve yourself
- believe in yourself and your path, and the universe will guide you
- take action against your fears. the only thing to fear is fear
- don't be realistic. nothing would ever be done if we were realistic. bend reality.

i'm going to spent all my energy on school, getting a job, and getting the right people in my life. these days, i feel like my time is flying away fast.

-the one
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