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i went clubbing wed and sat thanksgiving weekend. on wed i went up and danced with almost every girl. i jsut went in, even tho my identity tried to hold me back. if i think im a player, i just go for it. but i should go in w/o thinking. just go in.

i talked to this girl and got her number. im going to just talk to all the girls in the club next time, bc im there to work on my verbals anyway.

my boy j was hyper and dancing the whole time. when i went to the rave on sat i felt lifted and happy and postive and went up and hugged girls, they were into it and gladly gave me their numbers. it's all above spreading the good emotions that are in me. what's more important than any tech is the mentality behind everything.

i love myself in an almost narcissistic way. i love myself so im always happy n positive. when i act this way, people are attracted because im fun. it's a beautiful loop.

i'm going to keep going out and talking to people. love yourself. i'm the shit and i spread good vibes.
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Keep it up, narcissism is great when you want to become a better person. Forces you to gain those attributes you love. keep it positive
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yea no doubt, nothing wrong with it
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