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Regardless of what mood i'm in.

I will be pushing myself into conversation with anyone, at least 5 a day. Constantly stay social. Even the best need to get from Yuck to WOOOOOO state. Get into phone convos, talk to a stanger, small talk with the intention of just fucking with them. Only in that state can the game be accurately played. When I take things lightly and im out of my head.

Because it's when I'm in Woo that im able to see things clearly and get ref exp. I need.

Use the energy that people call anxiety as motivation. Feel the rush when you transcend social constraints and ASSERT YOUR REALITY.

That's what causes attraction. Fuck the haters.
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"The WOOOO state" is fuckin awesome, but addictive!
I used to need it to get anywhere with women, I'm not saying it's like that for you...
Anyhow your game can still be solid without it;)
You should read "The Power of Now", or/and "A New Earth" to learn more about controlling your state of mind ;)

Good attitude ;)
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Yea I've read Tolle's book and it's so important to be in the moment and quieting your mind.

True, one should never rely on being in the "Woo state." It's like saying Michael Jordan relying on state to play a great game. He didn't. He was amazing because he developed natural instincts through PRACTICE.

Thanks for the feedback.
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