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fuck this girl that i was seeing in february just got into a relationship. i kept putting it off, i should have seen her. i kept doubting myself. i should have assumed she was playing hard to get adn just kept pushing it. she said she gave me clues... what fuckiing clues? first week, we hook up and then she stops. im confused, think i messed up and stopped. she complains to my friend so i know its still on, i text her, end up in college party getting head from another chick. she waited for me to call her that weekend adn she sees my party pics. she says shes tired of waiting.. im mad at her and stop trying all together. really, it's bc i didn't know what the fuck to do, and was too scared to just TRY ANYTHING. anything would have at least made it clear what was up -- either she's down or it's over. i look at how F handles J. she's bitchy and emo and he PUTS UP WITH IT. I just got mad.

well, now she's in an LTR, and im at home getting anxious and letting old thoughts take over. sometimes i think im a nut job. i have to get out of this rut. i went out with jrole the other night and i got my pimp on, danced with so many girls... but i need to be getting it in with them. i need to get into social circles where i meet and seduce girls. the touch of a girl. i need it. stop studying pickup and just ACT.
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remember the principles, "there is no one girl". Go find another one. Why going tothe mental clusterfuck of getting a girl who is in a relationship out of it when you can go out, meet another one... Can't be that hard, right?
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i was just in a bad headspace, and had to vent. logically, i know it's dumb.
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