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Usually, when classes come around, I find a need to adjust to the social environment. I usually spend too much time in the house during summers, so when I go back to dorming it's like SNAP -- I need to get my game up because I'm thrown into a bubble where I'm constantly having to interact with others. I notice that when I first go back to school, I feel comfortable being myself, but then when social pressure creeps in, I find it hard to stay centered. The solution is just to learn from it, and push through.

Desensitize yourself and just BLAST through. Feeling anxiety is one thing, letting it get to your head is just pathetic, loser mentality. When I went to my first interview last year and was basically interviewed by an entire fraternity, I didn't let it phase me. I knew who I was, and being scared of little shit was simply not part of my identity. I rolled up, cool and all, sat down and just owned the interview. I barely planned for it since i didn't know what was coming, but I had the group laughing and complimenting me on my well-thought answers. I amazed myself. An year ago, I wouldn't have had the balls to even attend a group interview.

It was my high sense of entitlement that motivated me and my confidence in knowing my value. I remember feeling so high and out of my head afterwards. I kept thinking that the world wasn't as serious and scary as I had made it out to be. That's what being a "natural" is all about. Believing that you have something to offer the world and being proud of who you are.

Senior year is around the corner. I'm going to totally own it this time around. Use the opportunity to approach everyday, to break into my old social circle, get into new ones, pledge to Tau Delta Phi (I ended up not accepting the bid for the first one, I was asked to pledge by an acquantice) and get my grades in order. In other words, WORK HARD but PLAY HARDER. haha.

Anyone familiar with the pledging experience like to offer advice? I know a good amount of frat brothers who are cool, and think the whole pledging process would be a challenging and awesome experience.
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