Field Reports

I was just about to delete this account and blog, but then I looked over at my old field reports and wow, I have a lot more than I thought I did. I have field reports dating back to 2008, when I was focusing heavily on tactics, trying to analyze everything too much. But it's just so funny how seriously I was taking it back then and how clearly I can see what's going on now because I have good reference experiences.

I posted some theory and esoteric stuff, but I the most informative posts (for me) were my field reports. I like having all my field reports together in one spot (I have a few recent ones on the CC forums). I should ONLY be posting field reports here, in my opnion, most theory floating around is either hogwash or inapplicable. 

We learn through ACTION and FEEDBACK, not mental masterbation. So here's a field report. :)
Field Report:

So I'm at this club, my wing is already inside with his brother. Despite a social day at work, I even got a kiss on the cheek from this foxy co-worker of mine, I'm feeling out of state when I'm waiting in line at the club. (Solution: I just need to get into a convo right away. Get social again. I was getting in my head on the train ride there.)

I get in and meet up with my wing and other friends, which puts me in a better mood. I go and dance with a couple girls but they're not down. I dance with this really cute girl for a while before her friend pulls her away. She WANTED it, but her friend pulled her. Just needed my wing to occupy the friend.

I see my girlfiend's former roommate and tell her it's guys night out when she asks me where my girl is (haha). I see this girl I kissed back in April or March at Abella Lounge, who always goes to these parties. I got her number but never called her. I just act like I didn't see her. (I later found out some ugly guy that I know smashed her later that night)

I crash at over my wing's place and we go out the next day. Just hanging out with social guys is good for keeping you in a social state, which is useful. We head over to Amnesia in Queens, one of my wings talks to random people just to amuse himself, good idea. Inside the club, we're just hanging out for while. (should approach right away while in the line, be an approach MACHINE)

We start going in for dancefloor game, I dance with this brown haired girl that my promoter friend brought over. Im winging with promoter for a while, he'll just say hi to the girls, and say this is my friend, and i'll introduce myself. (At that point, I should make the girl laugh and isolate her to dance) I see my wing isolating BrownHair from earlier. Cool.

I come up on this cute nurse girl (it was halloween party) and she wont grind but will only dance with me arms length apart. I do this for while and then leave her. (These loud clubs really aren't ideal for talking. The best MO here would be to dress COOLER than anyone else, open almost every set like ratisse demos in T21C to build social proof, and then go for the pull. The best way to project value is VISUALLY. Then use the claw, and isolate.)

Eventually I come up this cute girl in white outfit, we're grinding hard and having a great time, until I lose her later on. I'm having the most FUN at this point, which is important. The fun, positive vibe that I carry into the interaction.

It's late, so I leave with my wings. I get back to my girlfriend's place and fuck her.
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