Field Reports

I hit up Amber last night again with jrole and the geronimos. being there with cool guys put me in state, unlike the other night at eden. rap opened a lot of sets, i'm inspired by his aggression. if i did what he did, imagine the tolerance and experience i could get.

i grinded with at least 7 girls. the first one was hot, and gave me a boner. i grind up on this cute little japanese girl, she turns around and starts touching me. i decide to escalate until she's uncomfortable. never happens. i touch her ass. she's cool. i move up her body. she's cool. i make out with her, full tongue down. she asks me where i go to school, where i'm from. i tell her she's cute, and keep tonging her down. i'm having a boner typing this right now.

it felt so good because i haven't gotten a makeout in a while. she says she's getting back to her friends, so i get her number and kiss her again. dominant.

i wasn't really feeling it before this girl, since the first few girls weren't receptive, but this turned my mood around. all goes to show, don't follow state, just stay confident and go for it.

i see Jap with some other guys. looking back on it, i should have walked up and talked to her when she was waiting on this tool outside the bathroom. overall, good night, got a makeout and number and danced with a lot of girls. next time, i should talk to more people, and hold eye contact with chicks passing by. it's time to work on my verbals.
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