Field Reports

This field report is from almost a month ago, when I went to Hiro Ballroom with my wing.

I go up to a couple girls for the grind, a few are down. The players that frequent these parties (I saw one at Amnesia that I mention in my last FR) have this funny strategy of surrounding sets of girls and dancing with them. This actually works sometimes, the girls will dance with them when they have no choice (haha).

(Sidenote: The way I met my current girlfriend was by dancing with her and then isolating her later, lots of touch, lots of rapport, and some humor. She would ask me what my story was (she wanted rapport). I knew she was down because of the compliance i had from her. She would hold my hand and would lean in when I moved in.)

I get in on a girl who is down to dance and some kid pulls her away. I watch my wing go up to a bunch of girls to try and dance with them, the whole thing is just very amusing and we're having a lot of fun laughing. At one point I see this blonde cutie staring at me, even though there are these creepy philipino guys on her and her sister. I should have went for it, I'm thinking of Tyler's "LIAR LIAR LIAR!!" response to AMOGs (haha)

I was approaching really direct and went physical right away. The responses ranged, but I didn't care, I was self-amusing. I met friends that my wing met in the line, he was trying to get one of the girls that they came with so I talked to the guy for a while. We exchanged numbers. I noticed that my wing -- who doesn't know about the science of seduction, but has a lot of experience since he got laid at age 15 -- always goes in direct, gets physical fast, and has dominant subcommunications.

I probably approached 8 girls at Hiro. I felt great afterwards, having had so much fun and letting loose.

I need to approach like a machine (at LEAST 20 girls a day), and to develop emotional awarness (daniel goldman's emotional intelligence). Right now, I have a girlfriend I talk to everyday. I've learned a great deal through interacting with her, getting her feedback, meeting her friends, and learning from my friends (one of which has 4 fuckbuddies right now). Don't focus on pickup, focus on being WELL-ROUNDED (health, wealth, and relationships).

I'm doing this because I enjoy the process of learning about myself and others. Will keep posting field reports.
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