Field Reports

Continuing with field reports. I went to club by Korea town last night. I was feeling out of state in the beginning. I should have just forced myself into talking to some people. I was feeling bored/tired all day. I should never let state effect how I act. It's all internal, so I just talk to a bunch and I get over it.

I felt that it was too loud to talk so I decided to just do kino blowout mission. It was a solo sarge. I grinded with two girls. I realized that I have to stop thinking too far ahead of how I think they'll react, and just DO IT. I won't really know unless I try. And I'm usually rewarded for my efforts. I have to not let my ego get in the way. But I did go in, so Im proud of myself.

When I go in, I have to just be doing my own thing, in my own reality. Do what I came to do. My jap girl friend came over later with some friends. I should have talked to them, one of them was a lesbian. Its all about the networking.

Clubbing made me realize how I have to put in 100% all the time if I'm going to get a girlfriend that I want. I have to work on myself and most importantly, not be afraid of the experience. This is who I am, I'm a pimp, I'm cool, i'm the shit, and I'm going to keep going for it until I get what I want.

I went all the way from manhattan to queens, because I had nowhere to crash in newark or manhattan. Didn't get back til like 10am. The things I go through for girls. I have to work hard and focus on getting these girls on dates. No other way.

I already know what to do, I have friends in relationships. I just have to get to that point.
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