Field Reports

i went to this party in my old dorm last night. i tell these hispanic girls that im the birthday boy and they're really cool. i chill with the suite residents and i just have a good time. i should have talked more to the girls and everyone. i did realize that i cant be analytical and thinking whats the best thing to say, i just have to use my intuition, because everything happens in real time, i have to rely on emotional mind to guide and this is honed through practice. improv would be great, having a stack would help -- but the only i should be thinking all the time is "im the fucking shit, lets see if these ppl are cool." thats what works for me. just talk to ppl like i already know im the shit.

when the spanish girl was grinding on me, i was like this is fucking sexy i want to fuck a spanish girl. these black guys were dry humping them, and they were cool with it. black guys are comfortable with their sexuality. i should sarge with black brothers haha.
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