Field Reports

This is a compilation of most of my Field Reports.

HBChinese. she seems interested still. made plans to chill. the attraction is there, give her more comfort. show vulnerablility, and be caring and understanding like ferrie is to joanne. make it clear to her that i really like her and im willing to put up with her ups and downs. when i talk to her, look at her in the eyes intensely like john does and speak with conviction, as if nothing else existed other than us... in our little bubble. it's the emotions im conveyng that are important.

practice this on girls all the time. only if i mean it. let my emotions come out. time to cut the cocky attraction stuff, and be REAL with her. i want her in my life, so show that i do, and do as a man would to a woman. text her just to say what's up. text the other girls on my cell as well. get EXPERIENCE. what a concept! Don't look for IOIs, just be a man and PLOW.

With HBFarleigh, i guess i was being emotionally distant, but i never liked her anyway, even though she was really into me whenever we met. i guess my aloof attitude and lack of care for her showed. *shrugs* i'm going to keep in touch just because. i used her as practice for phoning and skyping. i need to talk about the things IM interested in, and tease her. calibrate with caring/comfort/cute stuff ala ferrie.

With HBVietnamese, I didn't get it. I wanted her validation when she pulled away, and put her on the pedestal in my mind. i was happy when i got her back, but i never liked her much. it was just validation. i let her have control over my emotions. i built her up in my mind. only to realize that it was all an illusion. she tested me to get me to invest. i used to wait for her to hit me up, and i'd feel so happy when she did, but then down when she didn't. I can't CARE about this. get rid of this validation shit. she gave me LMR too, which i should have just plowed instead of going logical.

I have to make it clear what i want them for. I should have told HBViet that i didn't want a relationship but that i liked being with her. I should have told HBFarleigh that i was only in it for the physical. 

HBJap. I used to put her on the pedestal until i met other girls and then i stopped caring. She was still there, and still liked me. I never showed enough interest when I actually DID like her. I had her over once, and i didnt go for the lay. if i liked her i'd make sexual jokes and touch her. i approached it all wrong. i should have just went for the kiss and then took it from there.

HBChinese. I met up with her at the bar and took her back to my place and just talked a lot when she clearly wanted to kiss. I should have kissed her on the lips a lot sooner, and told her to sleep over. Whenever Chacko brings a girl over, he brings her to the room and escalates. if she's on the bed, fluff with the sexual stare, then go for it. if she rejects, then go for it again. i had two other oppotunities to go for the lay.

"you're bad boy." "I know i'm the worse. :)"

This thursday, take her over to my place. get her on the bed. kiss her and get the clothing off. keep going for it, THAT'S WHAT SHE WANTS. arouse her till she can't refuse. remember it's not serious. DO ALL THE WORK. just smile and do it. be a man. IF she refuses, just say "but i love you" and keep it going. Be dominant, pin her down, get the rubbing going. she LIKES the dominance.

always be leading.

what i gotten from all my experiences with women -- the hookups, foreplay, BJs -- the lesson is to LEAD. Be the masculine energy pushing the feminine. just go for it, i'm not ashamed for my desires as a MAN. girls want sex even more than we do.

carry the sexual dominance i exert in the bedroom to daily life.

We are going to bar thursday. Meet there, buy her a few drinks. Sit next to her, put arm over her. Keep going up to her just to talk like John Ferrarra, i dont need a reason. i'm assertive, she's passive. like she's my little sister. kiss her. tell her i have really good dumplings, green tea, cool new tv, back at my place.

try going for emotional connection with her. drop the attract stuff. just LEAD and get to know her.

things i learned from Chacko -- have the LOOK and SLY SMILE. make it clear ur cooler than her by teasing and not taking her shit in a playful way. talk to her and get sexual, dancing, touching like BIG BRO.
he never takes anything the girl says too seriously, jsut brushes it off. he knows when to get emotional, talks to his girlfriend, talks about what goes on in his life. always Breaking Rapport tonality. he qualifies her. he's cocky, confident, very touchy and playful. AMOGs guys playfully.

even with fuck buddies he had, he would take them out to meals and treat them well, until they wanted a relationship. i shouldn't be so against paying for girls as long as i like them.

he's close to his friends, and dismisses other guys as losers. he always has stories to tell.

His humor is similar to mine - smartass. don't think about this stuff too much, just be a ME - cool, suave, positive, cocky playful, witty, a MAN, a PLAYER - and let behavior flow from there.
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