Field Reports

keeping up with the field reports. i went to amber again last night with the geromino brothers. i found that amber was going down thanks to mandy, the girl i hooked up with last week. i need to number close every girl and cool guy i meet just for the sake of networking. expand a promoter network in the city so i always know what's going down. so we go to ktown get some coronas and speed down to amber lounge. it's 1am when we get there but it's still packed regardless. we start pounding shots of patron and go upstairs. i notice that i'm not in state since i was just home listening to my step dad talk about the business and other stuff while i'm nodding my head for an hour. i need to be DOMINANT at home, when i'm out, everywhere -- so it won't be a big step to get "in state." i'll just be doing what feels natural to me, start chatting people up and dancing.

so i see chris go in and his girl's into him. i go around for a bit, but i don't go in. always go in, because you never know unless you do it, i've been rewarded for going in despite uncertainty. i go up to a couple girls and dance with them. this really cute is down, she looked philipino/spanish but her friends pull her away after a while. FUCK i should have kept going and gotten her number. i'm a PLAYER. that's what PLAYERS do.

I saw mandy there with some other guy. i should have walked up to her and asked her to introduce me to her friends. NETWORK. that's how it's done. i'm going to get into promoting full-time RIGHT NOW. build up my network and fuck hot bitches left and right because i'm a fucking PLAYER4LIFE.
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Thanks champ
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