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sometimes i'll be in a situation with other people. and instead of getting into it, i'll try to analyze it, i'll watch ppl's facial expressions, and see how they react to each other. this a bad habit, it keeps me in my head and lose sight of the bigger picture of what's going on.

i was watching myself on video, and it gave me a new level of self-awareness. at every single given moment, FOCUS ON YOUR REALITY. be internally centered. when i'm at the club, im focusin on gettin exp for myself, im not there to fuckin impress other people.

i do things to make my life better and to be a better person. that way, i'll be able to better be of service. it's win/win.
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totally agree, lifes so much more fun when you self entertain...... google hamish and andy podcasts they crack me up and the banter is classic. ive downloaded all from the last year.
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cool man i'll check it out.
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