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not even going to lie, i'm depressed constantly because i'm not overcoming my fear and achieving the goals that will make me happy. i'm looking to follow someone else's life. i'm not FOCUSING ON MY REALITY and that is the root of all my problems. i don't have my girl, i dont have my job, i dont have my passion, i'm still LOOKING FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO DICTATE MY REALITY.

don't even entertain an unproductive thought for half a second.

do what i need to do. i know what i need to do. just do it.

-The One
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I know the feeling. Sometimes, most of the day im trying to create a false reality for myself that will trick myself to thinking im cool and "alpha' but at the end of the day, that emptiness is still there . i too am still lost when it comes to passion, it feels like my soul  has been so repressed out of conditioning myself to socially fit in. sometimes i wish i had multiple personality disorder just to temporarily escape from myself haha. but hang in there champ, work hard enough on a right mindset that is natural for u and u will find the path down the road is quickly dissipating the syringes and broken beer bottles. Cheers.
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Yeah I definitely know that feeling. I just have to be strong and man up and get through this. Have gratitude for what I have and faith in an awesome future.

Stay strong man.
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