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i need to focus more on studying, eating healthy and game. i'm going to build a business and game helps me so much in learning emotional intelligence and social intelligence, skills vital for hapiness and success in business. the way to get there is constant practice. the thing i want to get great at is emotional mastery. i want to be a moving communicator, speaker. that way, i can be an effective business leader and be in control of my relationship realities. i'm reading emotional intelligence by collman right now as a well as way of the superior man, which gives me insight on a way to live as a man in this feminized society.

i feel like i have to go out a lot more to get those positive ref experiences i need. i can handle most social situations, but i want to be at ease when in convo. i need to be in set all day. dominating the frame. i'm a king. i'm the one. i'm a celebrity. leave people better than you found them. focus on building relationships that will last.

don't analyze. just do do do, and it will make sense.
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Starlight 1987

Starlight 1987


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 I duno if you got this on the other thread so yeah here u go
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