Field Reports

I'm styaing in the habit of writing just to record my progress. Progress happens when you measure your results. I need people to ping ideas off of. There's people smarter and more experienced than me everywhere, I need to seek these people so as to shorten my learning curve. Online isn't enough. I need to meet people I know are the real deal and learn from them. Mentorship is invaluable. Being mentored would have saved me a lot of hardship in my past. In EVERYTHING I do, I need to FOCUS on it, have a MENTOR(s), and enjoy the process. Who I become along the way is far more enjoyable and rewarding than attaining the actual goal itself.

As for the GAME. I'm 23 years old, with a decent job. My priority should be to attain six figure income and get a house. Stay healthy and happy all the time. But meanwhile, i want to get girls. Specifically, I want to get emotionally intelligent model girls with something going for them besides their looks. I see some cute girls at the clubs I go to, but I haven't been dating any.

My sticking point is just not setting up DATES with the girls I want to be hooking up with. I know which girls are physically attracted to, I just need to set up dates with them and do the damn thing. 

I'm going to close all the girls I have on my phone/facebook and see what sticking points may arise.
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