Field Reports

 When I started this journey, I took a leap of faith. In many ways, I was not as bad as I thought I was, nor was I as in control as I thought I had become later on when I implemented this stuff. What's important is that I trust myself and keep trying new things, and KEEP THE FAITH. I see this as fun, if I didnt there's no way I could survive the ups and downs. I know I will be in for more brutalilty and humiliation, but it's FEEDBACK for me, it's LIBERATING, I could care less. I enjoy those moments, because they wake me up and make me feel truly alive. I believe that we as a race are wired to STRUGGLE. We are built to thrive in HARD TIMES. Fuck certainty and comfort.

As long as I have control over myself, I'll be fine. Til the day i die. I understand and trust that. I'm the only person I can completely rely on and I have trust in myself.

Right Now, I am focusing on:
-Being extrovert/Talkative all the time. Being able to vibe with anyone.
-Trusting in myself at all times
-Public speaking/ Acting/ Promoting on weekends
-Never caring about what others think. Put my personality on the line and attract the right people
-Becoming congruent with the cool guy I project myself to be.
-Being more aggressive
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