Field Reports

Mark Manson said that game is "the systematic identification and destruction of one’s sexual anxieties, followed by practical reflection on which behaviors work and don’t work for you."

I think this is dead on. I remember sitting with a girl a met at a party just an hour ago, knowing that it was going to be on... staring at a lake, thinkng to myself... wow.. i hated myself for so long because I thought I couldn't get girls... that there was something wrong with me.... that I had to learn PUA mind tricks... it was ALL BULLSHIT. 

Girls were always attracted to me, It just didn't feel right for me to escalate. I felt like it wasn't me. So until I was 21, when I had this girl that was clearly into me and wanted to make out with me since day one, I had to get drunk to finally make out with her. Even THEN, I felt like I had to learn all this PUA bullshit. I mean, I saw other guys get girls, they were just confident and dominant -- but that would be HARD for me to do, because I was used to being TIMID. So instead of just looking myself in the mirror and manning up, I felt like I had to get all these *tactics* and bullshit.

Fuck man, I feel like I wasted SO MUCH TIME because of my retarded ways of thinking. FUCK, imagine all the I could have had!!!!! But it's all good, I'm only 22 and I'm grateful that I *get* it now. I still have anxiety, but I understand as a MAN, that I won't let it hold me back. Not with women, not with business, not with achieving my vision for myself. I have evolved into a HIGHER UNDERSTANDING of myself and that feels good.

I have love for myself and those around me and i'm POSITIVE about the future because I see how much I have improved in the past, in such a short amount of time. But I can do SO MUCH MORE. I'm always reaching my potential. HAHA!

I have to approach 20 girls a day and hang out with cool guys. Harvest the numbers I have so I can work on Day 2's and endgame.
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