Field Reports

I hit up a bunch of ppl on fb yesterday. was going to hiro but decided not to at least moment. have a ski trip lined up for tuesday and another one later this week. still need to get apartment and job thing figured out. should be priority.

regardless, i can feel my natural instincts getting weaker when im at home. i feel like i have to put in effort to stay social - which means i don't have enough practice. i should be thinking about this all the time. thinking of comebacks, thinking of what i can improve on, living in my own reality. anytime i feel like impressing or caring what others think - BAM - cut if off. work on positive thought loop. let rejection pump my state and use the King frame.

going to hit up the mall, make a bunch of phone calls, get some interaction in.... im feeling too comfortable at home.

i need to be around naturals.
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