Field Reports

Say "Hi" to everyone I've seen on campus
Start conversations with everybody in my class. Use ANY excuse.
Join clubs, be outgoing and interesting.
Create social circle of girls (harem), social cirlce of naturals I go out with (players), social circle of ambitious academics that I can study and work with (academia).

In college, I feel like the way I have to approach things is to join clubs, be very outgoing and friendly so I get social proofed, from there I can get a bunch of numbers and invite everyone to hangout. I should be constantly networking during college... Whenever I'm not studying or eating, I should be in a conversation. Filter out the girls that like me, and arrange a hangout with them. No wine and dine bullshit, just hangout. I have an apartment on campus, this is a piece of cake.

Rutherford circle: slackers, one guy has money, the others leech off him and party at his place. I can still go to meet the girls they bring. met a lot of girls through this group. I can meet the girls, and meet up with them in the city or Newark.

NJIT circle: Nerdy tech guys mainly. Good kids. Not very fun to hang out with, but they're prob more future-orientated than most of my friends. If I take over this group, I'll be the top dog. (Study/Party Group)

115 Social Circle: My roomies. My landlord is ambitious, but very socially inept. I can go out with my roommate, who I can possibly learn from. (Study Group)

Rutgers Circle: A lot of good people in this group. I should get closer with the couples in this group, since they're good people and I can do double dates with them. All the girls in this group are taken or undesirable. I can still pivot them. This is probably going to be my main group to fall back on. I should be the top dog in this group so everyone is needing me somehow. (Study group)

There's this big player in one of my classes that I should hang out with just for the sake of learning. We might even become good friends in the process. I just have to have value to bring to the table. (Player Group)

FSA Circle: I'm going to check this out, and see if I can advance up in this group despite being not Flip. If I lead the men, the women will follow.

KCCC Circle: I want to be apart of this just for the network plus they're great people. Just to make friends.

I don't think it's possible to have an all-female group... I'd just have to meet girls thru the circle and then isolate them. All my past conquests have been that way. At a family cruise. At a friend's house party. At a birthday party. At friend's house. I meet the circle. Hold back interest at first - challenging. She sees I'm really fun. She chases, I go for it. It's ALWAYS been done that way.

I just have to see things for what they truly are, and exist in my own reality.
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