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Okay, so I got off RSDNation before college started in September because I felt that I needed to focus on other things. I didn't stop studying social dynamics (game) but I did stay away from RSD. I remember when I first got my hands on this Natrual Game stuff, and (at least unconsciously) I thought that it was bullshit. Like, I would read it and think that it had to be mental masterbation. The view of reality couldn't resonate with this stuff actually working or at least seeing myself use it successfully. So it confused me more than anything.

So I spend the summer reading Tyler's archive, which is primarily outer-game based (from the days he used to be tactic-heavy). I started trying some of the tactics here and there and to my suprise, they actually worked. It shattered my reality. Over time, I realized WHY they worked. And over time, I realized WHY it's important (though not always necessary in some cases) to move away from Routine-based game and just to become Natural. I was exposed to the Blurprint back in February and 8 months later I fully understand why the Blueprint is the pinnacle of acheivement in this community.

This community began in NLP and routines. Now natural game is all the rage. And rightly so, because routines are just surface-level. The Blurprint is about what's really going on - the matrix of social dynamics. I'm grateful that a product as awesome as the Blueprint is out on the market right now, I can't imagine where I'd be now if I wasn't exposed to this material. Thank you, RSD.

So now, I'm back in full swing and I'm going to keep myself accountable. I'm going to try and post on this board every day. I love the positive and progressive vibe this board gives off. We're not an army of horny men using creepy NLP. We're just a cool fraternity of guys who want an abundant lifestyle.
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Nicely put! :-)
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