Field Reports

I don't feel like writing right now because I feel in my head and tired, but I will regardless. I go to the FIND conference on Friday and Saturday and I'm just hanging out with the boys, when I realize a couple things. First, was that I spent a lot of my life in my head, not because I like it but because I became used to it. Second, because I'd be so in my head, I'd be analyzing instead immersing myself in the moment. I was watching life, instead of living and projecting my own awesome reality. Now I can see things clearly. I'd be feeling bored, but then I start talking to my friends and joking around, and start high-fiving girls and doing cool stuff -- and then I leave my old reality behind. I become ME -- I'm cocky, playful, funny, interesting, witty -- I project WHO I AM. I let go of the social shell I became accustomed to, growing up as a shy, introverted kid... and become the man I'm supposed to be.

When I get into social mode - IN STATE - then I assert my reality. But I'm not always in STATE, and I can't rely on being in state. That's like Jordan needing to be in state to play a good game. He didn't, he became the best through CONSTANT REPITITION. Until he could execute excellence unconsciously.

So if REPITITION is the key, then that would mean I have to keep myself around guys who are good with women as well as other women, go out and have conversations with new women every single day (I should aim for at least 2 dates every single week), and public speaking/improv class. I already chill with friends everyday, but I need to start conversations with more girls around the campus. I need to set up a talk with this one girl who can be a possible girlfriend. I need to start attending toastmasters and look up improv classes.

With the belief that "My reality is the best place on earth", bring value to people.
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