Field Reports

Winter break is here.

I will begin my 30 day challenge of going out every single day.

Whether it's the mall, club, house party, grocery store, etc. I will go out and socialize with 20 people a day MINIMUM. I'm going to get a sales job as well, which will help with cold approach.

I will post up field report here, as well as keep accountability buddies. (WHO IS DOWN???)

30 days/ 20 ppl a day = 600 interactions
I believe that getting positive reference experiences thru being AGGRESSIVE is the only way to get good. That means getting 10 years of social experience in an year. More than an years social experience in a month. It's about WORKING OUT the social muscles, and adapting to high stimulus social environments and taking on high value thought/behavior patterns.

My goal is to have at least 3 D2's lined up during the week.

Dispute me if you believe other wise. Keep up with the upcoming field reports.

- Aurelius
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