Field Reports

 i realized recently that most of what i thought was true about dating and relationships and women was bullshit.

all there is to it is to be COOL and ESCALATE. Just do it. Lead lead lead. No overthinking. Men have been doing this for hundreds of years.

all my hookups and experiences with women, i got them because i was willing to OVERRIDE doubts and emotions and just do what a MAN naturally does. I was fun. I put my arm around her. I went for the kiss. I moved things along. It's SIMPLE. 

the only issue is EMOTIONS. I used to let my emotions get the best of me and not try. If i had just TRIED, i would have gotten success with no doubt. 

i learned the most from watching friends who were good, changing my attitude, and trying things that were uncomfortable/confusing at the time. it didn't feel like me? FUCK THAT. I WANT IT so I'LL GET IT.

Nowadays, I'll think... what should I say? then i'll snap out of it and realize i'm overthinking and that THE WORLD IS A LIGHT PLACE and i'm taking things too seriously. things are only a big deal in my mind. there are corrupt governments, starving people, wars... we live in a planet surrounded by what seems like infinite stars...

...and i'm here letting my doubts affect my happiness?

from there, i get exp and see what i can do better next time. i keep it up until it becomes natural.
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