Tentative Tour de Force

 Went to the Marina with Alphawolf and T. Was in state from earlier sets, and as we entered the first venue, I was kidding around, and feeling like a beast on the loose. Spot the hottest chick in the venue - a little over 6' tall with her hair done up German-style. Go in, and whadda ya know? She is german! Aupair with other aupairs from north of the bridge. Hugging right off the bat. I can't seem to move the convo farther than boring stuff. Her friend, a cute swedish chick seems more genuine, so I chat with her. Later I grab their contact info outside the club.

Soon I stop giving a sh*t, and opening up anything that is hot. There are a lot of hot chicks everywhere. Doesn't matter if they are with guys or girls. Go in hard, everything opens like butter. Now, as I count in my phone, I see 7 new contact infos. They were all cute - maybe one 7, the rest cuter. 

The one set I was really pissed about was a super hot girl who opened with "you are Persian!" she is like" OMG, you are right!", of course I am. She then turns off, but her fat friend loves me, and moves over so there is space for all 3 of us on the ledge they are sitting on . Cute girl in the middle. I side hug her. It is ok, but she starts acting weird, and soon gives me the "nice to meet you" pat. I bust her on it, pat her and keep saying nice to meet you, and push her away. She giggles, but I can't create any connection, even when I yell at her to look at me, and she does, I can't make the meaningful connection when we look into eachother's eyes. We are asked to move, and I jump up and lead them, but she is starting to get weirded out. we hug again. Amazing chest, and she feels so soft. I go for the eskimo kiss, and brush lips. She is like OMG get away. I hang on as the, now two, friends now look ambivient as to if I am on their team any more. After I back off for only a minute before going in a eskimo kissing again, they go nuts and try to pry her away. She is laughing becuase I'm giving her the "nice to meet you tap" over a and over again. Then she turns mean too, and they run down the street screeming. Oh well, I turn back over the street and open another hot 2-set. 

At the end of the night my wings break down what I was doing quite well. They say that I was opening amazingly hard sets, and hooking them all. But when I go in for the hug, and after that, I am not callibrating. I would like to think I was. But is is clear now that it wasn't enough. I was talking man to "it", not man to person. Even with this, I got that much contact info, but only 3 weak makeouts... more like lip touching before they were freaked. 

Good: going in hard and owning it like Ben Bernanke. But when I go for the hug, I need to sense if she is leaning into the hug, then go for it, if not, then back off quickly. Build connection more while not having them in the claw, their default position while in my proximity. 

Drinking lots of water helped. Thanks Ghandi!

 Next step look into comfort in the first 30 seconds, not pushing the envelope too far, and basic rappore after that. 

Keep rocking the drug-free game!

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