Tentative Tour de Force


Pack Punch. Get in and Get out. Hit it and quit it. 
Saw a friend gaming a chick, and realized that I used to do the same thing not long ago: He was physical, held her arm, hugged her etc. But he lingered. He went in quietly and smoothly, but stayed there... kinda needy. Escalate forcefully; not needily. Then pull back; break it off. She should chase. 

Analagously, last night I refused a chick the k-close when she dropped me off at my place after just meeting her a half hour before. She had friends we were together with waiting on her, so l couldn't pull her then. Thus I wanted to keep the tension up. So when she went for the kiss, I dodged it, and bit her neck so she did'nt feel too bad. She texted me later - "Hi! Sorry I tried to kiss you". Don't think she will flake when I do decide to meet up with her because there is still the ambiguity/tension there. 
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