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Pack Punch. Get in and Get out. Hit it and quit it. 
Saw a friend gaming a chick, and realized that I used to do the same thing not long ago: He was physical, held her arm, hugged her etc. But he lingered. He went in quietly and smoothly, but stayed there... kinda needy. Escalate forcefully; not needily. Then pull back; break it off. She should chase. 

Analagously, last night I refused a chick the k-close when she dropped me off at my place after just meeting her a half hour before. She had friends we were together with waiting on her, so l couldn't pull her then. Thus I wanted to keep the tension up. So when she went for the kiss, I dodged it, and bit her neck so she did'nt feel too bad. She texted me later - "Hi! Sorry I tried to kiss you". Don't think she will flake when I do decide to meet up with her because there is still the ambiguity/tension there. 
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Went out on a date yesterday night with the Chick who also doesn't drink from last Friday.

During the week we texted back and forth. Mostly what I was doing and laid back, join-if-you-want type invitations. 

To get social, I started out at a happy hour. Saw the monster energy drink truck on the way over and frame controlled them into giving me two drinks. Chick shows up in some massive black Lexus hybrid SUV. I had organized a few different parties. It being the Friday before Halloween, some of them wanted to you to dress up. But I don't have a costume yet. I decide it would be good to make it easy, and head out to the beach instead.

Simple banter on the drive there. Maybe a half hour. We hold hands most of the way there just vibe and tell stories. This chick isn't that physically hot, but I really like that she is present – doesn’t ramble about bullshit. I learn she prays two times a day, but not in a religious way. I'm just reading The Relaxation Response; it seems like its right down that lane. It is maybe 9 when we get there. Run down the beach to the ocean in bare feet. I see her eyes pop and kiss her a little. She says something about moving things fast. lol. I see some fires on the beach down a ways, so we drive over. She is nervous about joining a group, thinks that we might be imposing. She's having chode thoughts and approach anxiety. Funny. I indulge here for a while. Call her out on it, saying that we are now officially creeps, lingering on the sidelines. Eventually I just drag her over to the biggest fire and introduce myself. Group is some outdoor adventure party. The invite us in and offer us drinks and smores. Fantastic. She says something about loving that I did that and am so outgoing. ok. haha.

Head back over the road to a restaurant. She lets me drive. They are showing The Shining. I'm not really hungry, but she says she is. Mission: eat as little as possible. Heavy eating leads to bad things. We get ceviche. We are both satisfied. I pay, don’t want to go through the trouble of going Dutch. She thanks me. We head back to my place. It's very relaxed. I like her more than other girls I am seeing now. This can lead to problems. So I focus on my breathing and remind myself that I have hotter (at least from a meat perspective) girls who are down in two minutes: the girls literally next door. Lol. No need to sweat it. In my place she picks up Jeffy's book and starts to read aloud. We talk pickup and I throw on Peter Pan. Haven't seen it yet and we talked about it earlier. She has seen The Pickup Artist with Mystery. So starts asking me about sets. I say I am confused by it all, and don't know or understand most of the techniques. Just be yourself. lol. Snuggle time.

I tell her that I don't want to sleep with her. I really don't. Something tells me that there is a connection here that I would like to build over more time. I do want to have the option of sleeping with her, just not exercise it. Get her compliant/comfortable enough with me. She gives me a back massage, but doesn't want one in return. funny. She won't take off her shirt or pants, even though it is hot. I just want to cuddle naked with her and fall asleep. I can tell as soon as she starts to think of going. After the first time she says she has to go, I tell her to come back and it's on and off for over an hour. I get intellectual. Asking her what she is feeling and rationalizing why she wants to go sleep at home. She says she can be honest (of course haha). Then gives me standard ex-post justifications BS like "I'm tired, but want to drive home first". That shit makes me fall out of state with her, like I don’t like her as much. We kiss some more. She is a better kisser than me. I stopped using my tongue in girls’ mouths a while ago. She tells me to give me hers, and fondles it lightly with her tongue. I also find out that I have been sucking a lot while kissing, creating suction that can cause her lips to sting a bit. But if you are in slow/bedtime/arousing time, this is way better. I get a hard on, and show her. haha. She leaves after 2 am. Didn’t even take off her pants. But I also thought about myself, and am wondering why it was so important to me that she take them off. I shouldn’t really care either way. If she is uncomfortable and doesn’t want to, don’t make it a biggie. She said something about not wanting to be a tease. I should have used that one as well. Saying that I want to feel her naked, but don’t want her to get her hopes up when she is cock-blocked.

Lessons: going rational/talking about what she or you are thinking or why she won't let you escalate is counter-productive. Time is your friend; logic is not! Speaking about things logically actually reduces her compliance. She no longer thinks you are socially savvy, and treats you as such. This makes sense, since being logical is not socially savvy. Ipso facto QED.

We may meet up tonight, house party at her friends on the other side of the bay. We'll see.
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Haven't been out much since last week's report. Some crazy stuff has happened in-between. But nothing to get over it like a Friday night in the Bay with Alphawolf.

Lessons from last week: when I go in, must look for calibration after the hook.

Was picked up by two finance guys at 6 pm and headed over to a 'Google happy hour'. Was just joking around with them, it looked like an older crowd, nothing I really wanted. They got beers, and I got Sprite & H20!

One of the guys, who is actually good went to see his new wife, and the other one asks me if I've read The Game. He's having a bad night or a nube, not sure. But he's cool, so decide to take him along.

To show him, open up some older woman: Bla bla bla. huggs. High fives! Then she pokes my hand like it's an iphone screen, she got the phone in one hand and the high fives motion mixed up! Hilarious. Group hugs. And now I have the opener of wonder for the evening. "High Fives?!!!" Waaait, I think I forgot the password". haha. the high fives number pad routine.

See a curvy older woman across the room sitting like a zen monk. Go over, open strong "How's the meditation" or something. Her: Did I steal your place Me: yeah, I hate you. Let's meditate. I actually really wanted to meditate for like 30 secs at this point, so make her shut up while I zone out. lol. She won't tell me about her. Me: what's awesome about you. Her: well, what's not awesome? Me: "Really?" and turn away shaking my head. This chick doesn't know that she does need to qualify herself to me. haha. I get a few texts and calls and she pretends to text next to me or something. Call her a text Nazzi, use the high fives number pad on her. Then I feel the energy flagging, so ask her for her age. She's like wtf. I calmly look into her eyes, and tell her, "listen, I think you're cute and don't want to get the "I’m too old for you thing. Do you want to go out sometime?" and give her the disapproving side smile. She's like "actually yes, would love to. I say, OK, what ya up to Monday? she's like "it's open" so I grab her number and bounce out of that part of the bar.

Chat with nube and get him into a set.
Then a cute chick shows up in my line of vision! Im in like Slim. Turns out she isn't drinking as well, and is a real person. Hit it off really well. Tuesday slot: taken!

Alphawolf texts me, and we bounce to another place. The three of us. All is gone well, I'm feeling the wave! Having nube around may have helped me, not sure :)

The real night:
Nube and I start to talk game etc. Alphawolf correctly ask us to talk about something else as we eat.

Start hitting up sets left and right. Hot chicks everywhere. I have no hesitation on the approach. Guys don't exist to me. Here are some highlights in semi-chronological order:

I go in a bit rough into one set with the wolf. He ejects and I stay in. When we meet afterwards, he says I made it weird, like I let the energy drop too much. Then I realize a central tennet of my game. Throw weird shit out there and just sit there like it's normal. It's only weird if I react. I don't, so they must love me... or something. ;\

In a bar, wolf wants to get some wine, There is an older (early thirties blondie) chick next to him who I think is super curvy in the right places. Go in say hi. She tries to pawn me off to an ugly chick next to her. I call her on it. The wolf leaves (he was between them) and I pivot to his place with my back to the bar. They are stools facing the bar and me. I’m locked in. The wolf comes back. I feel like sitting on blond chick's lap… and do so without warning. She's giggling and giving the weirded-out face. I don't react the wolf is seeing the awkwardness again. I don't care. and call myself out on it. something like "Dude I guess I now have a lap warmer dog" In other words I calibrated it. She love me, and we vibe on professional stuff. She is super smart, and offers to help out my best friend, who is stuck in Africa sans visa learning the ropes of the insurance industry. When we leave the wolf says: dude, you know you could have pulled her" I hadn't even thought of it... and wanted her for the contact and like her as a person. Plus, the night is young. Onwards!

Next club, see the tallest and hottest chick close to the door with a guy a bit shorter than me (I’m 6'5"), but probably a hundred pounds heavier. Very pumped. I go in strong. She says I don't speak English well in a German accent. I retort "Na denn, wo kommst du her?" and give her the grin. She's like "warte, bist du deutscher" I'm like wadda you think? Turns out the guy doesn't do anything when I speak in German. He can't follow. We chat normal stuff for 2 mins. And I number close. Date Thursday.

Get solid meetings set up with other 8s and 9s for the rest of the week, and doubble book Wednesday and Thursday for good measure.

The wolf starts to dorp off an edge, and asks me to push him. I'm walking infront of 6 ripped guys and 6 party girls taking apicsure slowly and making gangster signs Just don't care. They say we don't want you in the pic. I pirouette and blurt "I'm sexy, and you know it" LMFAO style.

So to get the wolf back in state, I get him to go into what looks like an impossible set: I think 6 guys lined up, 4 on one side, 2 on the other, with a blonde chick in white leaning on the wall in the center of what formed a "V". I would have just gone in and grabbed her out. She was arm in arm with one of the guys, but not too engaged. Easy Peasy. The wolf goes in, and stays in. I glide to the outside of the V, and observe. There are now 6 guys looking on as the wolf just sits there asking the chick some stupid shit. But since they aren't doing it, he looks so awesome! Into the lion's denn. Turns out they are all pupps. Not sure how it ended, but he stayed in there at least 5 mins. awesome! Told me later he wouldn't have done it unless pushed. Here's to the push!

Best set was at another bar, the wolf tell me some instructions, which I thought pertained to a two set right behind him... so don't know what he's talking about when he goes around the bar to another set of girls. Asks the bar tender for water, and opens with something. I saunter over there. He has them both engaged, and I don't want to blow him out, so just chill back wtih the circle of chodes that are forming, waiting to see if he needs me. Go to the bathroom, and come back. I think wtf, I'm bored, so go in on the other side. There are like 8 guys standing in a semicircle 5' from the four of us facing the bar. Well, the chicks seated facing the bar, and me and the wolf on either side facing into the chicks. They are actually super hot - 9s. One guy way more buffed out than me and the same height, sporting a duchabag haircut says he needs to get into the bar to get a drink where the wolf is. So the wolf sidles in between the two girls, and keeps talking. Duche goes to the bar, and doesn't order anything, just sits there bummed. He now has the better position to game the wolf's girl, but the wolf never skipped a beat with his chick so there is no opening. Duche eclipsed. He then goes over to ask me about gaming with him. another night maybe, but I'm with wolf tonight, so give him the weird eyes. Girls love it when you do this to other people. While all this has been happening on the periphery, we've been keeping on conversations wtih these chicks, who I find out are from Brazil. They start talking Portuguese and cracking up, and we make the weird face to each other, like they are weird They then explain something about an animal with claws, which we take as them putting their claws on us. The wolf has named one of them 'polly want something else than a cracker'. good stuff. We each number close one. Turns out I came in just in time to make the contact switch smooth for him. clean. done. Date Wednesday or something.

Driving back to drop me off at my place, the wold sport s two set... so we screech to a hald a few hundred feet down the screet, and I run to get them. He says I have to be chill and ask them the way... to your place! He comes slowly behind, I just hope he didn't dich me. I use his opener. Chicks are cute. nothing special. They hook, of course, and we chat lightly about directions and them looking likebandits or somehting. I don't feel like I went in there hard enought with that opener though. only give them huggs, but it doesn't feel like the claw. So can't pull them. Oh well. good times.

Get back to my place. It's 3 am. I have been sleeping with a chick down the hallway from me, and she's out for the weekend. ding ding ding ding!
Her room-mate, who is barely over 5 feet, has d-cups or somehting, has been super friendly for a while. I think, why not? they are roomies, they can share something else! :)
So I grab fresh protection and knock on her door. She opens after a minute. I say we need to cuddle. Only cuddle. She's like no... wait yes, ok. After 10 seconds in her bed, I'm hot, so get her to take off my pants and shirt. We cuddle and kiss, and she tells me about promising her roomie that she wouldn't jump me. I just frame control. Five minutes later, as she's bouncing up and down, happy as can be, she's like " I can't believe I promised my roomie. I'm like "It's ok, it's just cuddling" as I fondle her nipples and make her ghasp. She retorts: "hey, do you know the difference between Silicone and Saline?"

Lessons: 1) Older chicks talk too much
2) We are Rockstars
3) Next time out, do more takeaways after the hard hooks
4) and stop talking sometimes to let them work to fill the void created after I make any (not so) profound statement
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 Went to the Marina with Alphawolf and T. Was in state from earlier sets, and as we entered the first venue, I was kidding around, and feeling like a beast on the loose. Spot the hottest chick in the venue - a little over 6' tall with her hair done up German-style. Go in, and whadda ya know? She is german! Aupair with other aupairs from north of the bridge. Hugging right off the bat. I can't seem to move the convo farther than boring stuff. Her friend, a cute swedish chick seems more genuine, so I chat with her. Later I grab their contact info outside the club.

Soon I stop giving a sh*t, and opening up anything that is hot. There are a lot of hot chicks everywhere. Doesn't matter if they are with guys or girls. Go in hard, everything opens like butter. Now, as I count in my phone, I see 7 new contact infos. They were all cute - maybe one 7, the rest cuter. 

The one set I was really pissed about was a super hot girl who opened with "you are Persian!" she is like" OMG, you are right!", of course I am. She then turns off, but her fat friend loves me, and moves over so there is space for all 3 of us on the ledge they are sitting on . Cute girl in the middle. I side hug her. It is ok, but she starts acting weird, and soon gives me the "nice to meet you" pat. I bust her on it, pat her and keep saying nice to meet you, and push her away. She giggles, but I can't create any connection, even when I yell at her to look at me, and she does, I can't make the meaningful connection when we look into eachother's eyes. We are asked to move, and I jump up and lead them, but she is starting to get weirded out. we hug again. Amazing chest, and she feels so soft. I go for the eskimo kiss, and brush lips. She is like OMG get away. I hang on as the, now two, friends now look ambivient as to if I am on their team any more. After I back off for only a minute before going in a eskimo kissing again, they go nuts and try to pry her away. She is laughing becuase I'm giving her the "nice to meet you tap" over a and over again. Then she turns mean too, and they run down the street screeming. Oh well, I turn back over the street and open another hot 2-set. 

At the end of the night my wings break down what I was doing quite well. They say that I was opening amazingly hard sets, and hooking them all. But when I go in for the hug, and after that, I am not callibrating. I would like to think I was. But is is clear now that it wasn't enough. I was talking man to "it", not man to person. Even with this, I got that much contact info, but only 3 weak makeouts... more like lip touching before they were freaked. 

Good: going in hard and owning it like Ben Bernanke. But when I go for the hug, I need to sense if she is leaning into the hug, then go for it, if not, then back off quickly. Build connection more while not having them in the claw, their default position while in my proximity. 

Drinking lots of water helped. Thanks Ghandi!

 Next step look into comfort in the first 30 seconds, not pushing the envelope too far, and basic rappore after that. 

Keep rocking the drug-free game!

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