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About Me: 
After spending a few years traveling the world via military life I've finally settled in Minnesota. As to what brought me to this site, after spending a few years with minimal success I've decided to get this part of my life handled. Strange to think I'm perfectly comfortable being shot at and spending time in war zones and yet the thought of approaching that smoking hot girl at the bar freaks me out.
So I decided to sign up for an upcoming bootcamp. I was told to prepare for it by going out twice a week and approaching ten women a night. I started last night and figured where better to post my going out log than in blogs on here.
Well, I enjoy creative writing. I write short stories in the Scifi fantasy genre. Traveling is probably my favorite past time thought. I've been to nineteen countries and don't think I'll stop anytime soon. I've found the best way to be an interesting person is simply to be interesting.
Snowboarding, pool, travel, raves, and silk-screening
Favorite Music: 
Anything and everything, except country....oh and side trance. I hate side trance
Favorite TV Shows: 
supernatural, heros, It's always sunny in philidelphia, and the big bang theory
Favorite Movies: 
Die hard and Every Single James Bond Movie

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