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The night began with me bouncing from club to club to nervous to talk to anyone. Music, people, chaos, I seemed frozen. I finally ended up at the loft where they were doing a nude model painting show. There was a dj stage, live band, skateboading, and ofcouse models wearing paint for clothing. It wasn't quite as intense as the other clubs.
 After standing around for 30 minutes screaming in my brain about how much of a I am, i decided I had to approach time was ticking away. First approach was a girl outside on the smoking patio she was wearing funny martian things on her head. I opened with that. It was her Bday, talked for a bit made her smile and ejected. Next set was a three girls set opened with the standard let me get ur guys opinion on something, before i could go on they asked if i had i knife to cut open one of their glowing necklesses. conversation continued, bit the necklass open and splattered insides over the girl. Turned to go inside and ran into two shivering naked models. Hand one my coat and say put this on. Talk about the modeling for a few minutes before they go back inside.
 Walk to the bar order a cherry coke. start talking to the girl next to me about how most of the women getting painted weren't all models but just girls that wanted to get painted. I mentioned how I tried to get an elephant painted on me but they wouldn't do it cuz I was a guy. She laughed...i found my new conversational tool.
 Turned around to where there was a guy sitting at a table with two bored looking girls. I aske what they think about the show. brought up the elephant they laugh. Dude starts looking angry. I make the girls laugh a few more times but start getting bored and leave.
 Walk back out to the patio girl towards towards me and pukes. I dodge out of the way with my mongoose like reflexes "what the fuck?!" jumps out of my mouth. Her friend tries to say sorry but she gets puked on part way through.
 Decided to go back to the bar and meet up with my roommate. while waiting for the bartender i open on the women standing next to me. Just simple what's up stuff. talked about dancing. she says its easy i talk about how i'd really like to learn salsa.
head down the elevator. it stalls cuz a girl gets her arm in the way of the sensor. procede bust her balls along with teasing her friend. Head outside meet two girls in the entry way talk about music and an upcoming rave. they're thicker than i like so away i go.
 Room mate needs to get smokes but i see to girls walking down the street pull out smokes. I ask for one so w dont have to walk farther than i needed it to be. while smoking I talked about the model show to pass time and then headed for home.
 opening is getting easier....but honestly I dont know how to hook them to keep them interested or build attraction. any advice would be welcomed.
112 more approaches until bootcamp
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