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The night began with me bouncing from club to club to nervous to talk to anyone. Music, people, chaos, I seemed frozen. I finally ended up at the loft where they were doing a nude model painting show. There was a dj stage, live band, skateboading, and ofcouse models wearing paint for clothing. It wasn't quite as intense as the other clubs.
 After standing around for 30 minutes screaming in my brain about how much of a I am, i decided I had to approach time was ticking away. First approach was a girl outside on the smoking patio she was wearing funny martian things on her head. I opened with that. It was her Bday, talked for a bit made her smile and ejected. Next set was a three girls set opened with the standard let me get ur guys opinion on something, before i could go on they asked if i had i knife to cut open one of their glowing necklesses. conversation continued, bit the necklass open and splattered insides over the girl. Turned to go inside and ran into two shivering naked models. Hand one my coat and say put this on. Talk about the modeling for a few minutes before they go back inside.
 Walk to the bar order a cherry coke. start talking to the girl next to me about how most of the women getting painted weren't all models but just girls that wanted to get painted. I mentioned how I tried to get an elephant painted on me but they wouldn't do it cuz I was a guy. She laughed...i found my new conversational tool.
 Turned around to where there was a guy sitting at a table with two bored looking girls. I aske what they think about the show. brought up the elephant they laugh. Dude starts looking angry. I make the girls laugh a few more times but start getting bored and leave.
 Walk back out to the patio girl towards towards me and pukes. I dodge out of the way with my mongoose like reflexes "what the fuck?!" jumps out of my mouth. Her friend tries to say sorry but she gets puked on part way through.
 Decided to go back to the bar and meet up with my roommate. while waiting for the bartender i open on the women standing next to me. Just simple what's up stuff. talked about dancing. she says its easy i talk about how i'd really like to learn salsa.
head down the elevator. it stalls cuz a girl gets her arm in the way of the sensor. procede bust her balls along with teasing her friend. Head outside meet two girls in the entry way talk about music and an upcoming rave. they're thicker than i like so away i go.
 Room mate needs to get smokes but i see to girls walking down the street pull out smokes. I ask for one so w dont have to walk farther than i needed it to be. while smoking I talked about the model show to pass time and then headed for home.
 opening is getting easier....but honestly I dont know how to hook them to keep them interested or build attraction. any advice would be welcomed.
112 more approaches until bootcamp
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I went out last night to a local club where my roommate was spinning. He asked what I was going to say when I started talking to the different women. I replied with "I got nothing beyond Hey what's up?" Since this was my first time out I decided to go with a small goal. just try to make every girl smile. So after spending a few minutes BSing with the bouncer I headed up to the Loft, which is a club above the Barfly. For my first approach I walked up to two girls who were going through their records by the second stage. I couldn't think of what to say so I used "Hey what music are they playing in this room?" One of the girls smiled up at me and said "house." I'm not sure what the difference between all the different genres are so we talked for a few minutes while she was getting ready for her set. After I wished her luck on her set and walked off to my next set.
 The next set had two girls in it as well. I used the same opener that I used previously since it worked so well. We talked about prefered genres hers was trance. The other girl wasn't sure since this was the first show like this she'd been to. She seemed nervous. I made a few jokes about how I can never tell the different music apart. They were looking around like they couldn't wait to leave so i told them it was nice meeting them and off I went.
 I headed out to the smoking patio on the roof. I dont smoke but a lot of people tend to gather there. I started talking to a friend of mine that was up there when two girls came out. They asked a guy standing next to me for a light. I turned to the group of them and asked if they thought they could jump to the next building if they had a pair of megaman boots. (lame right) But it worked, they got really into the conversation. The conversation went from which building to how high could you jump. It eventually switched to other topics like the tripolar show, favorite costumes, etc. It's was amazing how well the conversation seemed to flow. it went for thirty minutes despite the cold. We started to head inside but i saw three girls trying to get a guy to take their picture, but the guy was too drunk to work it. I told the two girls i was with that maybe I would see them later and headed over to the new group.
 I took the camera fro the guy and told the girls I'd take their picture. I told them that everyone knows that you need a three picture set, one serious, one gangster, and one sexy. They were having a good time and agreed. I took the three pics. After the last one (the sexy one) I looked at it and said wow. One of the girls said "what is it that hot?" I repied with "no, this pic is horrendous." She punched my arm and started laughing. One of the other girls said "yeah, right." I responded by saying "No, really. I threw up a little bit in my mouth." They all started laughing after that. The shortest one stepped right in front of me and said "Look at me! I"m fucking Hot!" I'm started looking her up and down with a quizicle look on my face and said "I dont know, I'll need to see you do a spin first." She did a spin and I agreed that she was okay looking. She punched me in the arm again and asked "just okay?" We talked a bit longer and all headed inside. I broke off with them and headed to the bar saying i might see them later.
 I hung out by the bar for a few drinking a cherry coke. (no booze I'm trying to learn how to pick up women sober and booze would be cheating) I saw a girl hanging out by the edge of the stage and went to go talk to her having another conversation about music. She said that she was learning to spin, herself, but quite for awhile because she'd just been to busy.
 At this time four of the hottest women I've ever seen in my life came in with the club's manager Joe. Everthing seemed almost to come to a halt as everyone watched them cross the room. These were the type of women I want to be able to pick up. The stopped at the bar to have a drink and.....i completely bitched out. they had a drink and left. I walked over to the bartender. He asked if I'd seen them. I asked him who didn't. He said they went to the club downstairs. 
 While standing by the bar I struck up a conversation with group next to me. There were three girls and two guys. The interaction went ok. I was thinking about those four others the whole time and came to the decision that I outta go try anyway. Told the group it was nice meeting them and headed downstairs.
 I got to the entrance to the other club and talked to the bouncer I had met earlier. He said it'd been a slow night but there was a few people inside. I asked him what the cover was. He told me seven bucks, but I was cool so just to head in. I walked in and there was a group of older women sitting at a table and two girls at the bar. The four from earlier had apparently already left. SO I went to the bar and ordered a Roy Rogers (cherry coke) and said "wow it's dead in here" One of the girls next to me said "yea this sucks" I got my drink and turned towards them "you know its way better upstairs." She scoffed at me like she thought i was full of shit. "Whatever," I said "you two have fun." I grabbed my drink and left. I was in the elevator and hear a call "hold the door." And in they came. I gave them shit for a bit on the ride up. We got upstairs and went into the room playing trance and talked a bit more. After awhile I said nice meeting you two and left.
  I've learned four things last night
1) It's easier to approach a group of women than women by themselves. you talk to more that way also.
2) If you get shot down quickly or the conversation doesn't go anywhere it means you get to your next set that much sooner.
3) You can't learn anything if you dont try. Odds are those four girls woulda shot me down right away. But I never tried so I dont know.
4) Spend time talking to the bouncers. They're cool and sometimes you can get hooked up.
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So I finally signed up for a bootcamp. Figured it's time to get this shit handled and seeing it done will probably work better than just reading it in a book. I asked what I should do to prepare and was told to go out twice a week for three hours a night. During that time I'm supposed to approach ten women. I'd hate to end up going to the seminar and sucking it up so practice it is. I was told start with small goals like make the girls you talk to smile, then laugh, and work your way up that way. Stay tuned for my field reports.
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